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Our microcement at Craftex is a decorative concrete or another mineral material's coatings composed of cement, metallics, ETC, water-based resins, additives, and mineral pigments. It is an ideal material for exterior and interior surfaces, applicable on floors, walls, and ceilings. And the best thing is that it does not need joints! So, therefore, it makes cleaning and maintenance very easy.

We offer you many possibilities and finishes where you apply the limitations. It stamps your rooms with a unique and personal character, thanks to the different textures and the great variety of colors; its handcrafted application makes the result of each job or project still more unique and special. Unrepeatable because no two surfaces will be the same.

Forget tough reforms. Save time and money. Due to their strong adhesion, microcement can be applied to any surface, even tiles. A rapid renovation is achieved with very little work and a thickness of only 3 millimeters.

We care about the result. That is why we wish to achieve an optimum, versatile, and quality product that lasts, maintains well, and adapts to requirements; we have reached the balance between hardness and flexibility. 

And what does this mean? First, our product will permit any surface to be covered, no matter how large, creating a continuous surface with no joints or fissures. 

This way, where dirt can lodge is avoided, cleaning and disinfection are facilitated, contributing to maintaining places free of germs and bacteria. It also allows a high resistance in the areas most exposed to traffic and the corrosive use of cleaning products; consequently, the most widespread demand for its application is in bathrooms and kitchens.

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The traffic resistance depends on the product which has been applied before the glaze
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The traffic resistance depends on the product which has been applied before the glaze

Why Choose seamless walls?

There’s nothing wrong with tiles, per se, but we at Craftex believe our environmentally friendly products are a game-changer in the bathroom decor world. Our completely joint-free seamless walls are so much more than tiles. Hate cleaning your bathroom? Our wall coverings are entirely waterproof and resistant to limescale and mold. The excellent artisanal design, installed by hand by one of our experts, resembles a solid, single piece of rock. This rugged allure will make your space feel much more significant and result in serious envy from the neighbors.

Reaplacing bathroom walls

Your bathroom is covered in tiles, but you’re ready for something new. Replace the old ceramics with seamless walls by Craftex. They’re perfectly suitable for sanitized areas such as bathrooms, toilets, and kitchens. You can take it a step further and create a splendid ensemble with a jointless poured floor.



We believe that we have to deliver products that have lasting value for buildings. We use premium materials with good design. Lasting products will truly become lasting when they do not harm the environment we live in. At Craftex, we believe we have a responsibility to continuously lower our environmental footprint. That’s why we dedicate a chunk of our revenue funding research to do just that. 

All of our products are installed by real people, which is why we always honor craftsmanship. Understanding how our products work and the artisan process that is part of them is an important part of what our company is all about.

Ultimately, the company’s success is measured by customer happiness, it is what justifies our existence.

Because a company is nothing short of a group of people working together on a common goal, we hire people that want to work hard and play hard. Uniting passion with fun. 

Reza Amirisefat

Founder & CEO


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Cement Design is a leading brand in the manufacture, distribution and installation of decorative cement continuous coatings. Based in Spain and present in more than 60 countries, its wide network of own delegations enables it to respond to any world-wide projects of any scale. It is supported by a team that ensures professional attention to the most attentive customers, from architects to interior designers, including builders and design lovers.
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Trees From Above
Established on a water-based formulation, Cement Design products are the result of a careful selection of raw materials, mostly recycled. Its application is artisanal, so it does not generate debris and its maintenance promotes the same value, since it only requires water and neutral pH soap. This sustainable policy translates into several international certificates such as the EMICODE label, which guarantees a very low emission of volatile organic compounds in building materials.
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