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With endless decorative possibilities and characterized by its elegant concrete texture, Eco Cement is the most consolidated collection from Cement Design. This family includes the Classic, Concret, Transit and Rustic products. In addition, it covers a full range of grain sizes.

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Continuous coating of ultrafine granulometry. Classic characterizes by a waterlike effect, where its marks can be intensified or attenuated creating unique handcrafted finishes.


Continuous coating of coarse-grain size, Rustic is recommended for high traffic areas (shopping centers, workplaces, public buildings, etc.), including industrial floors and garages.  

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Fine-grained continuous coating, Concrete is a decorative material with a homogeneous finish for interior and exterior walls and floors. It adds a warm and cozy touch to any space.


Continuous coating of a medium-grain size is suitable for high pedestrian traffic areas, indoor or outdoor. In addition, transit offers excellent performance with various formats and finishes.

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