The Metallic collection, or as we like to call it ‘Liquid Metal’, is inspired by the demand for vintage and industrial aesthetics. Crafted from metal aggregate, our collection includes Acero, Cobre, Zinc, Bronce, Latón, and Aluminio, each finish mimicking the natural splendor of the metals and alloys in which they are made. These products offer limitless decorative applications, creating spaces that resonate with a sense of history and contemporary elegance.

Acero (Iron) 

Acero captures the essence of corten steel with its natural appearance and unique oxidation process. This product not only recreates vintage atmospheres but also introduces a functional aspect by allowing the adhesion of magnets, expanding its utility beyond mere decoration.

Bronce (Bronze) 

Bronce pays homage to the ancient allure of bronze, a metal that has captivated cultures from time immemorial. Its application and handmade polishing evoke a sense of splendor and elegance, making it a favorite among architects and designers aiming to infuse spaces with a rich historical narrative.

Cobre (Copper) 

Cobre utilizes the natural patina effect of copper to introduce an innovative material adaptable to various surfaces. This product embodies the spontaneous corrosion of copper, offering an artistic character that enriches spaces with a connection to ancient cultural heritage.

Aluminio (Aluminum) 

Aluminio merges the industrial utility of aluminum with decorative innovation, providing a versatile solution for cutting-edge design projects. Its application and polishing process invite originality, making it suitable for modern spaces seeking a touch of metallic brilliance.

Latón (Brass) 

Latón brings the timeless beauty of brass into contemporary and classic designs alike. Known for its captivating color and versatility, Cement Design's Latón enriches spaces with its sophisticated gold and metallic effects, enhanced by the craft of handmade polishing.

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