Eco-Cement by Craftex offers an array of decorative possibilities with its elegant concrete texture, making it a foundational choice within Craftex's offerings. This collection, known for its versatility, encompasses the Classic, Concret, Transit, and Rustic products, catering to a wide array of design preferences. Each product within this family is distinguished by its unique granulometry, providing options from ultrafine to coarse textures that can adapt to various environmental demands and aesthetic desires.


The Classic option features a continuous coating of ultrafine granulometry, known for its subtle water like effect. Available in over 120 colors, this product stands out for its ability to create handcrafted finishes that can be either intensified or attenuated, offering a versatile solution for spaces seeking a unique, understated elegance. Its finesse makes it ideal for areas where a touch of sophistication is desired without overwhelming the existing design elements.


Concrete delivers a fine-grained continuous coating that beautifies interior and exterior walls and floors with a homogeneous finish. Its application results in a warm and cozy ambiance, enhancing spaces with a minimalist yet inviting touch. This versatile material can seamlessly integrate into various design schemes, offering a soft, neutral backdrop or a statement texture.


Transit is designed with a medium-grain size continuous coating, making it an optimal choice for areas with high pedestrian traffic. Its durability is matched by its aesthetic flexibility, allowing for application in diverse settings, including outdoor spaces. This product's adaptability and performance make it a reliable option for both commercial and residential projects.


Rustic is crafted with a continuous coating of coarse-grain size, making it particularly suitable for areas expecting high traffic, such as shopping centers, workplaces, and public buildings. Its durability does not compromise its aesthetic appeal, providing a robust solution that adds character to industrial floors, garages, and other demanding environments with its distinct texture.

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