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Uniting spaces with a single seamless pour of natural resin provides a cushioned and comfortable canvas on which you create your own individual interior.

Our Material in Craftex is truly a unique product. Not only can we create beautiful seamless interiors within the home, from the kitchen to the bedroom, creating a magical space for the family to enjoy, but the benefits for commercial spaces such as offices, lobbies, museums, and airports are endless. Likewise, our flooring is a multipurpose product adapted for use without compromise. Microcement is a cement-based render that is trowelled onto floors by hand to create a seamless surface finish. The finish is similar to what you would expect with polished concrete. Because it’s trowelled by hand on-site, you’ll get genuinely unique texturing to your floor that won’t be exactly replicated anywhere else. Craftex's Microcement is the perfect floor finish for anyone looking for an alternative to timber or tiled floors. It creates a soft, neutral seamless, contemporary base layer for you to build your interiors around.

Microcement is amazingly versatile with fantastic adherence properties, it can be applied seamlessly onto pretty much any surface. We regularly micro cement onto screeds, concrete, self-levelers, floor grade ply, floor grade OSB boards, and cement board.

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